Hats for Headway Worcestershire will be taking place on Friday 20th May 2022, during ABI Week.

More about ABI Week here.

The campaign week, which aims to raise awareness of brain injury and give a voice to those affected, will run from 17-23 May 2021.

Hats for Headway Day will take place on Friday 21 May and once again provide a fun way for people to get involved and raise money to support either national or local Headway services.

The theme for the week will be announced in due course, so keep an eye on this website or our social media pages for further information.

See the hidden me.

It’s an opportunity to raise funds for Headway Worcestershire while having a little fun!

All you need to do to be involved is wear your hat with pride, make a donation to Headway Worcestershire and post a picture on social media!

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