Support Groups

Helping to come to terms with their situation

Our support groups offer social and peer support, with a unique opportunity for individuals with acquired brain injury, their family, friends and carers to understand their recovery by identifying commonalities between each member. Each person is able to see and come to terms with their situation and recovery journey, through other people’s eyes and experience’s.

“How would I cope without this group, I now have a voice and listened to.”

Understanding their condition and symptoms, not just from a clinical perspective from a consultant or doctor explaining it in medical terms. Honest down to earth explanations are shared and openly talked about, within the group. Everyone is encouraged to reach their own goals, working towards accepting their new condition, recovery and social inclusion.

The group is run at a gentle caring pace with breaks to reduce fatigue.

"The support and Friendships I have made from this group has changed my life!”

What does the ABI support group provide?

How to access our services

If you would like to make a referral, please click here to access the referral form. If you like to learn more about this service then please contact us or call on 01905 729 729

When and where are the ABI support groups held?

Free monthly sessions are run in:


First Friday in every month.
12:30pm – 2pm

Wendron Day Centre, Chapel Street, Bromsgrove B60 2BQ


Second Friday in every month.
12:30pm – 2pm

NTM House, Whitehouse Road, Kidderminster DY10 1HT


Third Friday in the month
3- 4:30 pm

The Mill Gregory’s Mill Street
Worcester WR3 8BA