Talking to people with similar experiences

Emotional support can be important in helping survivors and their carers to adjust to the changes that have occurred and to deal with perhaps difficult or painful feelings. Sometimes just talking to one of our staff or someone who has been through a similar experience can be helpful. In other cases, survivors and/or their carers may need a greater degree of emotional support and that is where a trained counsellor with experience of working with people affected by a brain injury may be able to help

Counselling can provide valuable and confidential support. Counselling provides a space where you can talk to someone about your concerns and emotional difficulties, someone trained and skilled in listening and helping you clarify your thoughts and feelings, which you may not be able to discuss with anyone else.

Headway Worcestershire offers a counselling service for survivors, their carers and close family members for a defined range of problems.

“I now realize my life has changed, but now I like the new me!”

If you would like to make a referral, please click here to access the referral form. If you like to learn more about this service then please contact us or call on 01905 729 729

The types of problems suitable for this service are:

What are the benefits?

“I can now get on with my life and enjoy it.”