On an average morning in 2014, Stephen’s usual routine was disrupted with devastating effects.

On his journey to work as a Bricklayer, a car ran into the back of Stephen’s vehicle, shunting him underneath an HGV lorry. The crash was catastrophic, and Stephen acquired a traumatic brain injury (TBI) which left him fighting to stay alive.

The trauma impacted every part of Stephen’s life; he spent nine long months in the hospital unable to walk or talk and experienced big changes to his personality. Even now, he has no memory of the time he spent in the hospital.

Stephen began attending the Stourport Headway Wellbeing Centre several years after his brain injury. He took to the sessions straight away and found that he had a creative flair for woodwork. “I love to go to Headway because of the social side of things, I’ve made lots of friends and I like to practise my woodwork skills”.

Stephen has a very inquisitive nature so he finds the day trips particularly stimulating and always comes away with lots of questions! “The trips out are brilliant! I loved going to the circus and the allotment is a nice place to get some fresh air and relax on sunny days”.