Ryan sustained a traumatic brain injury as a baby and has struggled with the effects of his injury his entire life.

Every day, he contends with chronic fatigue, memory loss, pain and weakness on one side of his body, which makes life unimaginably tough for the dad of three.

Ryan was referred to Headway Worcestershire’s Outreach team after undergoing a complex procedure on his brain that left him incapable of day-to-day activities during his recovery. Headway helped Ryan and his wife with practical support and arranged counselling sessions too.

“The girls in the Outreach team at Headway helped us so much. They gave us emotional support when we most needed it, helped us sort out our money and even sourced us a bed frame when we were sleeping on a mattress on the floor”.

Despite his severe fatigue, Ryan now volunteers in the charity shop once a week to give something back: “I don’t always feel positive but I try to not let it show. I choose to not let my brain injury get the better of me because there is always someone worse off who doesn’t get to choose”.

Ryan’s Story