Pete used to love his job before his brain injury. As a chef at a busy local pub, he enjoyed the thrill of serving great food to demanding customers and thrived under the pressure of a hectic kitchen. But after suffering two major strokes within a sixth month period in 2015, he was forced to give up doing what he loved.

“The strokes affected my whole body. I couldn’t walk the same and my hands didn’t work how they used to. My head felt cloudy and I completely lost all speech”.

Pete spent eight months in and out of the hospital and was looked after by his brother, sister, and parents. He underwent speech therapy at a rehabilitation clinic and worked hard to re-learn the vocal skills that he had lost. He was referred to Headway

Worcestershire in 2016 and has attended sessions at the Wellbeing

Centre ever since.

“Headway is brilliant! I love coming here to make things in the woodwork sessions and to play pool and socialise. It means I can practise my speech with people who are understanding”.

He’s also slowly regaining his confidence in the kitchen, having recently made himself a sandwich for the first time since his strokes. “When I’m at headway they help me to do all the things I want to, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out”.

Pete’s Story
Headway Worcestershire