It’s fair to say that Nigel is part of the furniture at the Worcester Headway Wellbeing Centre. Whether he’s cracking a joke or making mischief around the Centre, he’s never seen without a smile. But he has endured a long and bumpy journey to get to where he is now.

Nigel has travelled far and wide while serving in the army then as a lorry driver in later life. But on the day he couldn’t remember his way home from work, he knew something was wrong. In 2001, an aneurysm in Nigel’s brain ruptured causing it

to haemorrhage. He was left with no short-term memory, a change in personality and unable to recognise his family and friends.

Nigel came to Headway after some time in hospital and was supported by many services, including travel training to reduce his anxiety, finance management and counselling.

“Headway has given me everything. They helped with my mental wellbeing and even sourced accommodation for me. They support me with anything I need, I’d be lost without them”.

Now, Nigel attends the Wellbeing Centre three times a week to paint, play games, make pottery and spend time with his friends. He’s even shown a flare for creative writing and has recently had some of his poems published in an anthology!

Nigel’s Story
Headway Worcestershire