I’m Leo Tarrant, a Professional Golfer living in Worcester and in 2011 I suffered a severe right-sided Brain Injury in an accident in Worcester. I spent nine months in a coma and underwent several serious operations. The people that loved me and the medical staff never stopped believing in me and never led me to believe I wouldn’t recover.

Headway Worcestershire then became a big part of my miracle. Headway led me on a path from the hospital exit door back to the life I enjoy now. I really appreciated and hugely benefited from the incredible, professional and friendly work Headway do at a time when people’s lives have changed so much from what they’ve always known, for the patient and all their family too.

The Headway support staff did something really important and different from anyone else with me. The same few people would regularly visit me and felt like my friends, to talk about life, getting out, meeting people, finding out your thoughts and feelings. Looking back that was so important, especially as many of your friends are no longer there as your life isn’t the same. Headway helped me to adjust, focus and rebuild my life, socially and professionally and with their help, I’m happier than I’ve ever been!

Leo’s Story
Headway Worcestershire