Our Photographer

Our photographer Julian Rouse has kindly photographed our clients for this exhibition. He is an ex Headway Worcestershire client, and has been on his own rehabilitation journey since a major stroke in 2014 left him fighting for his life.

Julian’s academic merit has afforded him a full and varied career; he achieved a degree in Physics from Bristol University, spent time working in the Antarctic, and has been Head of Department and worked in schools for over 14 years before his stroke.

But just one week before Julian was due to retire, a pulmonary

embolism left him unable to speak or move the right-hand side of his body and without memory of his wife or children. Julian’s world was turned upside-down, and as his rehabilitation journey began, his depression set in.

He was referred to Headway Worcestershire who visited him weekly and put him in touch with a counsellor. As a photography enthusiast, Julian’s rehabilitation targets were

focused around getting him to use his camera again. He was also encouraged to try volunteering as a way of practising his speech and improving his mental wellbeing.

“Now I feel infinitely better than before. I volunteer at a charity shop and take my camera out on most outings”

Julian’s favourite photographic subjects are people, so he was the right man for the job! This picture was taken on the first holiday his family could have together after his stroke.