Anna’s brain injury rehabilitation journey began when she fell down the stairs and had an impact to the head in 2009. She spent three months in hospital, and was left with short-term memory loss and issues with her balance. Interestingly, Anna suffered from Bipolar disorder before her accident, but feels that the effects of this have reduced since acquiring her brain injury.

Anna comes to the Bromsgrove Headway Wellbeing Centre twice a week to join in with communications sessions, and to do puzzles and word-searches to keep her brain active.

“I’m no good at arts and crafts but I love playing Uno! It helps with my hand-eye coordination and my reactions”. Anna is also very sociable and is always enthusiastic when it comes to going out for the day. “I love to go on day trips or to go out for lunch, it’s good for me to see new places and interact with people who have been through a similar thing to me.”

Anna is lucky to have a close network of family and friends around her including her husband, parents and cat Mickey, who have been by her side throughout her recovery.

Anna’s Story

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