Andrew had a brain tumour as a child. He was operated on and the tumour was removed, but it left him with a brain injury that shaped his future irreversibly.

Since this ordeal in his early years, he has struggled with learning difficulties, short-term memory loss and a lack of concentration. The effects of this brain injury might dampen the spirit of your average person, but Andrew is far too busy for that!

In addition to attending Karate lessons and doing occasional voluntary shifts in charity shops, Andrew attends our Bromsgrove Headway Wellbeing Centre once a week. He loves to play games and puzzles, creating objects in our arts and crafts groups, taking part in the communication sessions and loves to go on day-trips.

“I love coming to headway because I like to keep busy. I like to make friends and be helpful, and the day trips are absolutely brilliant!”

Andrew can be an anxious person, but his confidence has grown significantly since joining Headway in 2011. So much so that he’s now working with other people in the community to support them with their own special needs!