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A couple of weekends ago, one of our volunteer groups encountered an issue with the disability access at a location in Worcester. More details on the article here.

We rely heavily on our volunteers and independent bodies for raising money for Headway. We were sorry to hear that the appeal put together by one of the local fundraiser group was faced with such issues during their event.

We are an organisation who supports a large amount of physically disabled people and to hear that access was denied in any venue for any reason whatsoever is disappointing.

This sort of issue at the Guildhall was the first one our organisation has ever encountered, and with the new lift in place and the authorities’ promise that all matters are now resolved, I feel the venue can be recommended again for the future use of our supporters.

Should any independent groups or individuals wish to help Headway Worcestershire in the future, please check in with us with the details of the proposed event so we can offer advice and tips where needed. Details and ideas can also be found on our website, http://headwayworcestershire.org.uk/fundraise-for-us/.


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