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What is #TheWorkTrain?

It’s a new and exciting project, executed by Horton Accounting Services in Worcester, and it aims to help disabled and disadvantaged people learn new skills to get back into work.

How does it work?

Local businesses that get involved will provide short courses in an area of computing, such as a Microsoft Office program (Word, Excel, Outlook etc) or any other area on interest in which a company can provide training. The students take this experience in to new jobs in the future.

How has the project come about?

The Work Train came about from various surrounding events for Tom. Firstly, he is very keen to help support local groups and charities in the community, and whilst his business is very new, he wanted to come up with new ways to help instead of just monetary donations.

How is Headway Worcestershire involved?

We are the first charity to take on this project. We have clients who have shown an interest in the past in learning computing skills, and this is a perfect opportunity to expand our services to people with acquired brain injury.

Why are you the first to take on the project?

We were the first ones to agree after learning about Tom Horton’s desire to help people with brain injury, after living with head trauma acquired at birth. It is important that Tom’s experience means he can relate to his students and be a great teacher and mentor to them.

Did I read about this in the paper?

We wouldn’t know, but yes – there is an article about it right here.

How can I get involved in the project?

If you would like to get involved by providing lessons or coaching in a particular field, please contact Tom through the enquiry form here.