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I have been persuaded to do a fortnightly blog about life at Headway and anything else that catches my interest. I’d better not moan too much about Worcester traffic, I will just say one hour to travel from St Johns to Barbourne today. The good news about that journey was a chance to listen to a Miles Davies CD from start to finish.

The best thing about Headway is meeting the people who use our services , you learn so much. Last week we had the first meeting of a self – help support group in Bromsgrove. The group gelled very quickly and talked about annoying things people say when you tell them about a head injury and its effects.

The “it could have been worse” response was judged most annoying, followed by weak attempts at empathy “I felt tired last week.” Head injuries are often called the ‘hidden disability.’ The people who attended the group all looked fine. It’s only when you learn about how the injury changed their lives that you start to understand why such innocent comments are annoying.

Very sociable people suddenly find they get tired very quickly. You can wake up and know this is going to be a difficult day (dizziness and fatigue.) Crowds, noise, bright lights suddenly become a barrier to going out. You lose confidence and start to discover who your real friends are.

The encouraging thing about the group was the way people shared their experiences. There was plenty of humour and banter and a keenness to meet again.

Finally, our long awaited website is about to be launched. The pictures of Princess Anne opening our café in Lowesmoor, now a charity shop were a little bit dated and our old website really needed a new edition. You will have to wait for Headway Worcestershire – The Movie, we hope to launch this in October.

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