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I am a bit of an ‘anorak’ when it comes to health & social care. I actually enjoy reading things like CQC’s annual report: The state of care in England. The bits that may interest readers are:

  • People in nursing homes tend to receive much poorer care than those living in residential homes (non- nursing), which must be worrying for the nursing profession.
  • The number of adults receiving state funded social care has fallen from 1.6 million in 2010/2011 to 1.25 million in 2013/2014, which should be worrying for the government as you would think that an aging population may need more care not less.
  • Ten years ago most social care producers were small (like us). There has been a gradual rise in corporate ownership (now 40% of care homes), which must be worrying for people who believe ‘small is beautiful.’

And finally and not surprisingly “A caring and committed workforce, appropriately skilled and supported through good training and supervision is central to providing high quality social care” …… and that is what we believe at Headway.

One more report this time from DASH (better known as the County Council Adult Social Care Department). Its annual report is fairly upbeat despite cuts to council funding. There is one rather shocking statistic of interest to Headway. People with an acquired brain injury come into the physical disability and sensory impairment category and guess what? Worcestershire spends £19.35 per head of population compared to similar counties that spend £27.26 per head – that’s about one third less than the average. It helps explain the shortfall in funding for Headway service users.



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