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Oscars anyone?

We held the premiere of Headway Worcestershire the Movie this week and invited the stars of the film – the service users who shared their stories. It was moving to hear how someone’s life can change in an instant. The most powerful parts of the 20 minute film were the descriptions of events that led to a brain injury and the life changes that resulted.

Now if all this sounds gloomy, think again. The courage, the humour and strength of human spirit left a feeling of optimism not gloom.

The film, which is TV quality, made great use of still photography. Keith’s picture of his life as a milkman, the picture of Rob’s car after the crash all helped to tell stories without using hundreds of words.

Anyway before I get too heavily into film critic mode, judge for yourselves when the film goes on general release via You Tube and our website this month.


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