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I write most weeks about health & Social Care and the need for these two systems to be better integrated. While an ageing population is growing fueling increased demand there are also increased expectations for more personalised services. Current local authority commissioning focuses on time and task care plans and low hourly rates. You cannot blame commissionaires as they are frustrated by shrinking budgets and growing demand. In the middle of all this sits the care worker and we face a growing recruitment crisis.

You then have the politicians with Jeremy Hunt the health secretary saying he wants Britain to become the best place in the world to grow old. Not possible if local authority budgets are cut more and more. Investing more in social care in order to reduce costs for the wider health service is logical. It is a shame that politicians from all parties get a better headline by promising more money to the NHS than promising more money to local authorities and Social Care.  

Let us hope this issue gets a good airing in the general election campaign.

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