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The acquired brain injury exercise class

Tuesdays: 11.00am to 12.00am
Running: from 03.03.15 to 05.05.15
Location: Mclellend Centre

Jennifer (University of Worcester Student Physiotherapist) is setting up an exercise class at the Mclellend centre (opposite the Police station in Worcester) on a Tuesday. It will run until May 2015 and if it is popular, it is possible that other students will continue to run it in later months.

Physiotherapy offers rehabilitation from acquired brain injuries, whether they are recent or not. Each class will provide one hour of a specialist exercise programs run by a student physiotherapist, overseen by a Neuro-phsyiotherapist. We have 5 places per session

What’s included?

Warm up and cool down
Seated and standing exercises
Balance, stretching, strengthening exercises
Postural training
Gait education
Motor control

How will the classes help me?

Aiding quality of life
Meeting people that may be similar to yourself
Health benefits of exercising and increasing heart rate
Could improve your mental health
Some research states that exercise helps to diminish chronic pain
Sleep better
Improve resistance to fatigue

For more information contact Jenn on Tel: 01905 542001 Email: holj1_13@uni.worc.ac.uk

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