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Hats for Headway Day! Wear yours for Headway and our work with acquired brain injury.

Hats for Headway Day is a simple, fun, and easy way for any Headway supporters to get involved in raising awareness of our cause: brain injury and its devastating effects on survivors, families and carers. Too many people suffer in silence not knowing there is help available!


Hats for Headway was started by Headway UK (Headway – The brain injury association) and it happens every year on the Friday of Action for Brain Injury Week.

In Worcestershire, we encourage supporters and local businesses to show their support by either taking part in Hats for Headway Day, by raising money for our local charity or by campaigning and promoting other Headway Worcestershire activities.

Getting involved

Wear a hat to raise awareness

Funky hats, ugly hats, ridiculous hats, out of season hats. They all count! Regardless of whether you simply raise awareness about our cause or chose to get sponsored for wearing your hat, you know that you made a difference to your local brain injury charity.

Organise an activity at work!

Dress down days or onesies are overrated anyway… Instead, organise people to wear their most ridiculous hats, ask your workplace to sponsor you for wearing it or hold a fancy tea party!

Raise some money

You can take it a step further and raise some funds for our charity! Get sponsored to wear a hat, make a donation to Headway Worcestershire, hold a collection or organise an event!

Why Headway Worcestershire

    • Because every year, 1000 people in Worcestershire will acquire a brain injury
    • Because every 90 seconds someone in the UK is admitted into hospital with an acquired brain injury (ABI)
    • Because it is an “invisible disability”: effects are often loss of memory, changes in personality, chronic fatigue, loss of sensitivity and many more, making it difficult for people to live normal lives
    • Because people with an ABI have trouble getting back to work, see their relationships getting destroyed and their families falling apart
    • Because those affected by brain injury are not just survivors of it, but also families and carers
    • Because nobody should go through life with brain injury without support

Contact details

If you’d like to support us, assistance and enquiries, please contact Julia by emailing fundraising@hwtl.org.uk or ringing 01905 729 729.

Get your business involved

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Team building and better communication across departments
  • PR opportunity with the local newspapers and Headway Worcestershire Newsletter
  • Social media promotion on Headway Worcestershire’s Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Enhanced corporate social responsibility
  • Your logo on our website
  • Support for your event
  • Promotional material for your activities