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Our services are provided from as little as one hour per week to as many hours as needed, depending on individual need.

We are a countywide organisation covering the whole of Worcestershire.

Anyone can refer to Headway i.e. yourself, GP, social worker, family, friends, carers, Occupational Therapist, a consultant or nurse.

Brain injury difficulties

However it is caused, brain injury affects individuals in different ways.  Headway Worcestershire tailor all support to enable each individual to maximise their own independence and improve quality of life.


• Remembering names, places appointments
• Paying attention, learning new information
• Being easily confused and overwhelmed
• Being slower in processing information
• Experiencing word finding difficulties
• Loss of self-esteem
• Impulsivity, irritability
• Lack of initiative and drive, getting organised
• Relationship changes
• Headaches, noise and light intolerances

Get in touch:

If you think one of your patients might have suffered a brain injury, or is living with one and cannot manage it, please get in touch with your local Worcestershire branch as soon as possible on enquiries@hwtl.org.uk or ring us on 01905 729 729. Alternatively, please download the Referral form below and send it through to us on enquiries@hwtl.org.uk

Adult Brain Injury Resources for GPs (and other professionals):

• Referral form Headway Worcestershire

• Minor brain injury – A guide for GPs – This factsheet helps GPs to diagnose, refer and manage patients who have sustained a minor brain injury. As well as the detailed factsheet, it contains a number of useful tools for assessing patients who may have symptoms of concussion.

• Management of acquired brain injury – A guide for GPs – This factsheet provides detailed information for GPs who are managing patients with an acquired brain injury, or who may need further specialist assessment. The information given is designed to help GPs diagnose, support and refer these patients.

• Minor head injury discharge advice – Adults Factsheet

• The effects of brain injury and how to help

• Rehabilitation following acquired brain injury – National clinical guidelines

 Take the GP Pledge:

“I acknowledge that the effects of brain injury can be complex and often hidden and pledge to do all I can to help those affected”

Click here to sign the pledge


Headway Worcestershire services:

• Rehabilitation Day Centres in Worcester, Bromsgrove and Kidderminster
• Outreach community support
• Emotional Support
• Counselling
• Support groups: Pershore and Bromsgrove
• Care for people with brain injury
• Information and support
• Advocacy
• Finance support
• And much more

We are extremely grateful to Headway UK for providing the tools necessary for our local GPs to better recognise a brain injury and the steps needed to manage it.

Should you need further support, Headway UK’s Helpline can provide you with even more information and guidance: 0808 800 2244.

Further links towards professional organisations can be found on Headway UK’s website: https://www.headway.org.uk/about-brain-injury/professionals/gps/resources-for-gps/