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Working at Headway is so much more than just a job.  More than 60 committed staff are employed by Headway to make our projects around Worcestershire successful by helping people with acquired brain injuries to achieve their potential.

What is life like at Headway?

We want to build a charity we can be proud of. So to make this happen, we need brilliant people who inspire and deliver change all around them. That’s why we’re always looking for talented, ambitious and genuine people to come and join us. Meet some of our team members here.

Current opportunities

We are eager to hear from people who would like to work in care and support – if you are successful in the recruitment process we will contact you when a vacancy becomes available.

Pay and benefits of working at Headway

Everyone in our team has the opportunity to help deliver first-class services and whatever job you do for Headway, we’ll reward you fairly for your life-changing work.

We value the contribution of every staff member and offer a “total reward package” that includes a competitive salary, generous holidays, supportive leave policies and much more. Here are some examples of the pay and benefits you could expect.


Retirement may seem like a long way off but if you choose to join our work scheme, Headway will pay 3% on top of your contributions.

Annual Leave

So you get enough time to relax and wind down, we offer annual leave which is equal to 33 days per year (including public holidays).

Sickness benefit

To help support you when you need it most, we offer sickness benefit which is equal to 5 days full pay (pro rata) per annum.

Supportive leave and career breaks

There are times when you may want or need extra time off work and we offer a range of supportive leave options to aid with your personal circumstances. Sometimes these are dependent on the length of service and the demands of the services we are providing at the time of your request.

Compassionate leave

We understand you have a life outside of work and there are times when other commitments need to take priority, for example, if an immediate relative dies. In these circumstances, we will offer limited paid leave in order to give you time to manage.

Emergency leave

Sometimes unexpected emergencies arise, which meant that you need some time off work and we will allow you to take a reasonable amount of unpaid leave to deal with these emergencies.

Eyecare vouchers

Employees who regularly use computer screens as part od their job are entitled to a free eyesight test and where necessary, a pair of suitable vocational glasses at no charge in a range of free frames.


For those that need it, Headway employees will have access to our counselling service, which is provided by a trained counsellor and can offer help with overcoming difficulties faced either at work or personal life.

Mileage allowance

We pay mileage allowance for any travel undertaken during work time.manage.

Work-life balance

Headway promotes a healthy balance between work and personal time. As such, we offer flexibility on our work contracts to fit the diversity of our employees, for example annualised hours, part-time contracts, bank hours, flexible working and many others

Training and development

Headway has a framework of development activities which covers a range of learning approaches, including training courses and e-learning. Each employee will be assessed as to their individual development needs and receive training pitched specifically to them and relevant to the role they are fulfilling.


Headway loves the holidays and we subsidise a staff Christmas party every year as a thank you for all their hard work.