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Harvest festival auctionInvite everyone to come along and bid for some bargains brought in by your guests. They can be anything from food items to hamper baskets and craft items. Encourage them so spend more during the auction and donate it to Headway Worcestershire.

Bonfire Extravaganza Night

An evening get together for friends, family and neighbours with fireworks, sparklers, camp fire & marshmallows roasting – An evening that is going to go down with a BANG or two.

Halloween party / House of terror / Pumpkin carving contest / Trick Or Treat Donations

Ask your friends to bring some snacks and drinks, embellish your house and garden with some spook-tastic decorations and scare your guests with your costume! Ask those in need of scary makeup to come earlier and do their make up for an extra £3.

Rent a Santa

Have a costume you haven’t used in a while? Hire yourself out as Santa and appear in the Christmas-Themed School Play after photos!

Secret Santa

Whether it’s for a Christmas Due or just an office habit, why not donate £1 of your budget to Headway Worcestershire?

12 Days of Challenges

Ask for your friends’ help and come up with a list of 12 challenges that you must complete before Christmas! Get sponsored for each attempt or price them increasingly from £1 to £12 and see who will pay you to do them. Don’t forget to take photos!

Santa’s Little Helper

Auction yourself to the highest bidder and become an elf for 24h! Do the dishes, mop the floor, iron clothes… Whatever you have to do – Don’t forget your elf costume!

Gift Wrapping Service

Handy and patient? Most people don’t like wrapping their presents, so why not sell your talent and donate the profit to Headway Worcestershire.

Carol Service

A perfect activity for artistically – orientated groups, get together for a practice and organise a carol service for a local school, church, pub, town centre or even workplace!

New Year’s Resolution Sponsorship

Giving up smoking? Planning on running daily? Get your motivation levels up by being sponsored to do it!

New Year’s Party / Ball Drop

Love hosting parties? Why not have a go at organising your own New Year’s Eve party for your friends and family and ask for a donation on the door? Start your new year with a good deed!

Ice Skating Marathon

Love being on the ice? Why not get sponsored to see how long you can last on the ice? Bonus points if you do it in fancy dress!

Winter ball

Complete with a King and a Queen, this ball brings together the magic of the winter season as well as the fun of the party. Winter-themed decorations, drinks and clothes are a must, think frost, white and lights!

Valentine’s Day Party

Red and white attire for couples, cupid themed for singles and maybe a kissing booth? Pair that up with Love Songs Karaoke and chocolate fondue and you’ve got yourself a party.

Chinese New Year party

Celebrate Chinese culture by having a themed party on the day of the Celebration. Think red, dragons, lanterns and Chinese food!

St Patrick’s Day Party

A favourite of anyone, host your own celebration and make everything shamrock-themed, Irish flagged and merry! For extra profit, buy hats and sell them to those who don’t have their own.

Easter-Egg Hunt

A classic activity for kids, why not organise one that is open to public? Parents pay an entrance fee and the profit goes to Headway Worcestershire. Open the hunt to adults by making the clues harder, changing the prizes and charging more.


Give up something you love for lent and show everyone how strong your will is! Aim for at least £10 sponsorship for each day or your personal challenge and inspire others too!

Family-friendly activities

Summer Fete

Want to do something more ambitious? Aim for high attendance and plenty of activities for your town’s entertainment. Collaborate with other people and get plenty of stalls with raffles, tombolas, face painting, maybe even a local artist to sing and attract more people.

Family Treasure Hunt

Get families to join this event and record the time it took to complete. Offer a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize, but don’t forget the consolation one too! Make the treasure hunt even more interesting by dressing up like pirates and speaking with a twang when welcoming the teams.

Family BBQ | Garden party | Outdoor Birthday

Celebrating something special or just fancy a family gathering? Persuade them to drop some money in the charity box and complete their one-good-deed-a-day.

Golf Day

Organise a local golf tournament for your town and get donations on the day as well as by charging a contest entrance fee!

Kids’ Pool Party

Invite your neighbour’s kids to have a splash in your back garden!

Car Wash

On warm, summer days, gear up with a soapy water bucket and a sponge and scrub away! Advertise around the neighbourhood and get a friend to help!

Outdoor Cinema

An evening of comedies during the summer, popcorn and nature – what better way to get best of both worlds? Charge an attendance fee and £1 for any interruption! Nobody likes the movie talkers.


 At work or at school

Dress Down Day

Fancy Dress Day

Swear Jar

Office Olympics

Think you are the best at everything? This might me your chance to shine! Race your colleagues in a desk chair race, use the bin for your shotput and have a round of the Paperclip Challenge. The losers have to donate £2 every time a challenge is not won and the mony goes to Headway Worcestershire.

Sponsored Silence

Lunch Money

Have everybody bring in home-made lunch and donate the money they would otherwise spend to buy it from the shop!

Coffee Morning

Networking dinner

Ducky tie day

Office quiz

A day as your favourite character

Get sponsored to be Superman, Dennis the Menace or Peppa Pig at work for a whole day! If you can, get a group to help you get the word out!


Challenges & Events

Sky Dive

3 Peak Challenge

The Great British Walk

“Across the Shire” Walk

This 50 mile walk goes across Worcester, from its two widest points – NW in Tenbury Wells, to its lowest, near Broadway Tower! A challenging 16h trek to show how you can make headway in Worcestershire!

Coast To Coast Cycle Challenge

Lake District 5 Peak Challenge

Snowdon Multi Activity Challenge

24h Event

Challenge yourself to do something continuously for 24h! Get on that treadmill, stand still, not talk at all or wear shoes that are 5 sizes bigger! Get sponsored for your commitment or entertainment!

Sponsored Walk

Perfect for big offices, schools or local communities, a sponsored walk is bound to attract a lot of attention! Choose either a scenic area, or a challenging one, and why not… Fancy dress!

Sponsored events

Join any event or activity you’d like to do and get sponsored to do so!


Open Mic Night or Charity Gigs

Local gigs attract plenty of people if advertised correctly! Invite a talent finder to attend and attract as many musical amateurs or artists at your local pub (Don’t worry – most pubs love extra publicity and they might even give you a hand with the organisation!).

Charity Busking

Can you play an instrument or sing? Grab a friend to be your supporter on the day and do a busking session for charity!

Karaoke Evening

Judge the participant by who gets the loudest applauds at the end of the show! You can even pick a theme or require the singers to dress up as an artist.

Comedy Night

Why not hold a comedy night and invite amateurs and local actors to perform? Have refreshments available and charge an entrance fee for those attending.

Speed Dating Night

Plenty of busy singletons out there, so why not unite them for some drinks and quick chats and help somebody find their soul mate?

Murder & Mystery Night

Be in for a killer night but make sure you plan it in advance! Chose a time period for your night and guests, in order to set up your dress code, and consider single and group tickets to encourage people to invite their friends!

Casino Game Night

An evening of Roulette, Black Jack and Poker, complete with a black tie dress code and fancy drinks for the ladies. Charge a ticket fee that includes a drink or a game. Charge extra for tokens and donate it all to Headway Worcestershire.

Talent Show

Music? Dance? Acting? Get your creative hat on and come up with a show that allows everybody to be the best at something!

Art Show

Perfect for schools, why not hold an end-of-term art show for parents? Gather all students’ art and exhibit it privately to parents, asking for an attendance fee.

Film Marathon

Pick your favourite films, director or actor and aim to watch as many movies that are part of the theme. Have multi-flavoured popcorn and refreshments and charge an entrance fee, as well as a “leaving early” fee for those who abandon your crusade”

Pub Quiz

Find a local pub that doesn’t already do this and organise a charity pub quiz night! Charge a participation fee and host the quiz. Get the teams to correct each other’s quiz answers to speed up the breaks between the rounds!

Come Dine With Me

Love to cook and host dinners? Then why not convince your friends to join you in a non-televised version of a “Come Dine With Me” special? Agree in advance how much you should be adding to the winner’s pot and donate the money to Headway Worcestershire to get your badge!

70s, 80s, 90s Night

It’s all about the dance floor and the attire for these! Turn your night into an evening of hippie 70s, rainbow spandex 80s or new pop culture 90s! Charge an entrance fee and make your night a blast!

Fashion Show

Always wanted to be on the runway? Make your own show by organising dressing up challenges for you and your friends and

Around the globe night/dinner/fete

A French-themed fancy dress party or maybe an American 4th of July party – Whatever you do – commit to your costume, and don’t forget the accent! Ask us for a charity tin and you’re good to go.

King of Pub Games

Commit to 3 different types of game and create a tournament out of them! Find out who is the best at all three and crown him or her as the winner. Get proceedings from an attendance fee. Pool, darts and a card game is a good combination!

Bingo night

Whether you do it regularly or never played, Bingo is a holiday favourite and a laugh! Gather as many people to participate, offer refreshments and even a prize! Many local businesses will donate a prize towards a competition, they might even take part!

Bowling tournament night

Gather as many people as you can and invite them to your local bowling alley for a tournament! Have everyone donate £5 to Headway Worcestershire in order to enter the competition for the title of Town’s best bowler!

Friendly Match

Already part of a sports group? Pick a rival team and ask them to play a friendly match. Ask a £5 attendance fee from the supporters and donate it to Headway Worcestershire.

Car Boot Sale

Have loads of items you want to get rid of or maybe you want the extra space? Get your family and friends to donate items for the sale to bulk up your stock, rent your space at your local weekend market and sell everything!


Ladies’ Lunch

Pimms’ Party

Cream Tea Party

Themed Tea Party


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