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Headway along with other social care providers find it hard to recruit new staff. Thankfully, our reputation and word of mouth means we usually just get by.  Adverts online or in the press get a pretty poor response and when we shortlist we often get ‘no shows’ at interview.

With this in mind I’m off to Worcester Sixth Form College to give a careers talk this week. We need to recruit more people to work in social care, including more young people. It is a career with lots of learning and development opportunities as well as good promotion prospects.

Here are some numbers that make fairly scary reading for those who think they may need some social care support in the next 10 years. Nationally half of the workforce is over 45. Turnover rates are around 30%; one in three new recruits leave within a year.

We do not have reliable data on why people leave and why we find it so hard to recruit. We can guess that low pay and ‘shift’ work have something to do with it…

Here at Headway, we have lower turnover rates and believe that good training, believing in what we do, approachable managers and good support for staff are all part of our successful mix.

If you are thinking of a job in social care please phone us or just drop us an e-mail.

We need more good people to do good and rewarding work.

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