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DIY SOS style makeover for our toilets!

Headway Worcestershire service users can look forward to a completely refurbished disabled toilet after a group of volunteers are spending Christmas renovating the disabled toilet in their day centre in Worcester.

Karen Pearce (administrator for Headway Worcestershire) said:

“It’s not very glamorous to talk about toilets but it is a fact of life that we all have to go, and whilst it is something many of us take fore-granted, being able to go with dignity is very important. When most of us are at home with our families, these volunteers will be working hard to make sure our service users’ basic human rights are met – it is very touching and shows there is still Christmas spirit around”.


How it has all come together.

The work is being carried out pro-bono by the following people and local organisations:

  • Grahams plumbing Merchants, Sherriff Street – Supplying everything, the suite, tiles, porcelain, radiators, pipework. Everything except flooring.
  • Shane Fullelove – SBS Services, Worcester. Electrician
  • Christian Wood – I.S.O property developments. Supplying and fitting the Flooring
  • Jonathon Cunningham – Random Tasks, supplied labour for the fit & donating the paint.
  • Tim Charlesworth – finishing Touches, Malvern – doing the ‘running around’
  • Richard Lock – New owner of Subway in St Johns – is providing meals for 5 contractors for 5 days
  • Stef from Skippyskiphire in Worcester – a free skip and waste disposal

The total figure for the free refurb including all parts, labour, skiphire and the food from Subway to keep the volunteers going is likely to be nearly £5000 – which is a generous Christmas gift to our service users.

Richard Lock (new owner of Subway in St John’s) said:

“This is a project I immediately felt we should get involved in and I am delighted to be able to help out and keep the workers fueled up with our fresh and healthy food”.

Tim Jones from Grahams Plumbing Merchants in Worcester said:

“We were approached by Jonathon to help out in this project and we agreed because we believe in supporting local charities and adding value to our customer base. Jonathon was so passionate about the work Headway does and as are in a position to help, we will.”

The project is taking place between the 27th December and 31st December.


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