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Kathryn Davis, CEO of Headway Worcestershire, wanted to address any unclear thoughts and concerns about the position of Headway Worcestershire in relation to the Worcester Carnival 2017.
We are delighted to announce that Headway Worcestershire will remain as one of the charities supported by the Worcester Carnival in 2017.

We are confident that the organisers this year will have a successful event and we are happy to attend it. Headway Worcestershire needs support in moving forward in its mission – improving life after brain injury – and the Carnival will provide a fantastic opportunity for raising awareness as well as some well-needed funding.

We have rest assured and have seen evidence of this year’s event moving forward, despite the issues it faced last year. We have also seen evidence of the organisers’ being on track with attracting funding from local businesses and securing a number of elements that will ensure the success of the event. This includes a large and skilful board of organisers, sponsorship packages, health and safety procedures, stalls, a fun fair, entertainment and much more.

We will be part of the parade and will be entering a walking group. We are asking all of our staff, clients and supporters to join us in our walk on the 1st of July. We understand there might be people reluctant to get involved, however, without your help, we will not be able to take full advantage of this opportunity!

We hope that all Worcester residents and businesses will want to get on board and get involved in this exciting and optimistic community event.

Please get in touch should you need any further clarification or if you would like to get involved. E-mail fundraising@hwtl.org.uk or ring Julia on 01905 729 729.
Statement 16th of March 2017 | Tel: 01905 729 729

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