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Proud mum of 4, Ann, (62), was born in Worcester, and has always been a person very active in the community prior to her brain injury.

Her life was changed when a stroke hit and affected her speech, eating and drinking. The stroke also affected her memory and co ordination and balance so she found herself in need of a carer.

She came to Headway Worcestershire as regaining independence was an important goal for Ann. Her outreach support provides help with staying on top of weekly and monthly tasks such as maintenance shopping and paying bills, meaning that she is able to keep up with her disability and not find herself in a position where a lot of people affected by brain injury are:  in trouble because of forgotten bills.

She joined us at the Worcester Day Service in 2011, where she was looking to have a more lively and sociable life, and she found a new confidence at Headway Worcestershire. Since, Ann has been constantly progressing, participating in ever service user involvement meetings, and sings as part of her speech and language therapy.

She is a skilled chef in the cooking sessions and is always eager to share her latest (delicious) kitchen success with all at the Day Service.

She has been ambitious and has shown fantastic progress in developing her education and daily living skills! Since joining Headway, she was able to start her level 1 and now complete her level 3 at the Acquired Brain Injury College at Heart of Worcestershire (HoW) as part of the Futures Focus Entry Level” programme.

Even more, Ann’s progress was able to take on new activities in the community, such as joining a gardening club close to home, as well as support other charities through volunteering.

We are extremely proud of Ann and all she has accomplished. We look forward to your next success!

Proud Ann with her Level 3 Diplomas!


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