Amazing Feedback!  We just received this feedback about our Headway Movie and we are really proud.  to view it just visit our homepage

“I watched the video all way through……………twice! I was absolutely blown away by it. The input from everyone who took part was both very moving and very supportive and encouraging to others who are going through very difficult times, following their traumas. I was impressed by the honest, sincere and earnest nature of all the contributions but what was so wonderful about it is that it was overwhelmingly positive whilst being very realistic about how life will change forever.  I think you should all feel justly proud of the video; it can only do good. Even though you have explained several times, how it is being you now, the video gave me a much greater understanding”.


19th November: We have had even more feedback – this is wonderful!

1.  From start to finish, I thought the messages were captured perfectly in that a brain injury could happen to anyone at anytime, a brain injury is complex and life changing but if it should happen, don’t despair as Headway can help. It was compelling to hear everyone’s story in a way that was hugely moving.

2.  I watched the whole video and found it very touching, indeed.  Headway are clearly a wonderful organisation.

3. The contributions all give a good insight into the impact that people suffer from head injuries and the different forms of brain injuries.  Before watching the video, I imagined that they would all be physical injuries but when you see the woman who simply passed out at the dinner table, it gives another dimension to it.  It was interesting also to see the range of services and support that Headway is able to provide and of course the improvements that people see as a result of their help.  Well done.  It gives a much clearer understanding of what Headway does.

4.  I just wanted to let you know that I watched the Headway video yesterday and it’s brilliant.  You should all be really proud.  I think that it conveys the message excellently.

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