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I was interested by this research conducted with 1000 people by research agency NfP Synergy. We score well, but are not perfect in the public’s top 10. (a 9.5/10 is not a bad one though)

Charity trustees

  1. Charities should never have a London office:

68% of people said this was wasteful. We are a Worcestershire charity so (luckily and easily) have no London office.

  1. A charity should get staff to work a day a month for free:

We do not ask but we employ some pretty amazing people who go the extra mile and do work extra hours without pay.

  1. A charity should never rebrand:

The public see this as wasteful and we use the very retro logo of the national Headway charity to which we are affiliated. In my opinion, we could do with a fresher logo – the head and hands looks a bit 80s to me.

  1. A charity should lobby:

Unlike the present government who want to curb charities ability to enter ‘political’ debate, the public are supportive. We lobby the NHS and local authority if we think their decisions are detrimental to our clients and service users who might be losing out on appropriate support because of bad decisions.

  1. A charity should never travel 1st class to meetings:

I agree with the public, the 1st class carriage does not get to that London office any quicker.

  1. A charity should advertise:

We cannot afford billboards or full page newspaper adverts, but the public do not mind having a charity advertising its cause here and there.

  1. A charity should never pay staff more than £50,000:

No fat cats here, promise, however if you want the best people to run large charities – £50,000 might be seen as low.

  1. A charity should allow volunteers to have a big say in how things are done:

Most charities are run by Trustees, who are unpaid volunteers. Good charities listen to service users, volunteers and staff before making decisions. We have client involvement meetings, annual satisfaction survey and welcome volunteer feedback!

  1. A charity should never pay for the staff Christmas party:

Oops. We do organise a Christmas party for staff to say thank you for all your work. Staff pay half the cost and the charity pay the other half. I suppose this one is a 50/50

  1. A charity should have a decent website:

You are reading this (hopefully) and we hope you rate our website as decent.

Always good to get a public view on charities and it appears we get (most) things right.

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